Loaded Container Handler Rental


Call us now for all your container loading and unloading jobs or equipment rental for container handling. With over 30 years of experience, we have the technicaly knowledge to succeed your rental requirements safely and efficiently.

We offer the ultimate performance and high productivity of  portable container handler which is only found in Johor Port Or PTP port (Port Tanjung Pelepas). With this portable container handling machines and our experienced logistics specialist, your container can be loading or unloading at anywhere including your factory plant efficiently and safely. 

Container size we are loading / unloading from prime mover daily:

  • 10ft Standard Container
  • 20ft Standard Container
  • 20ft High Cube Container
  • 40ft High Cube Container
  • 20ft Open Top Shipping Container
  • 40ft Open Top Container 
  • 20ft Hard Top Container
  • 40ft Hard Top Container